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Redfords by Corptek Pty Ltd. focuses on providing exceptional customer service. Corptek Pty Ltd. follows the Privacy Act of 1988, in which there are several privacy principles for individuals.


Personal Information

We will keep your personal information safe and secure and will never sell your personal information.


Collection of Information

Corptek Pty Ltd collects your personal information in various ways.

  • Directly from the information that you provide via phone, email, or through our website.
  • Sources of public records
  • Various third party providers, such as our related companies or our representatives

Our site also collects non-personal information that is not identifiable to you specifically. This may include your browser type, language, version, operating system, and viewed pages from your browsing site. This information is used for gauging the traffic from visitors to the site. It will be used to improve the experiences of our users.


How we use your Personal Information

There are several ways that we plan to use your personal information and can be used to:

  • Identity verification
  • Delivery of ordered services
  • Administration and management of the services
  • Responding to an inquiry or feedback
  • Notification of any changes to your service delivery
  • Develop and research our services to better your services in the future
  • Improve on the services that we provide
  • Improve and maintain the business systems we use by testing and updating them frequently

There are times when we may use information from new users that have not been previously disclosed regarding our privacy notices. If the information practices at some point change, we will be sure to use the information for new purposes. And the data that is collected from that point of the policy change will adhere to our new policies and practices.

We may also use your information to improve our website. The improvement of our site is an important task for us and we aim to make it more user friendly and accommodating to your needs. We also aim to provide you with the best customer service. So, we may use your information to respond more effectively to your support needs and service requests.

We send e-mails periodically to give you some information regarding new services and promotions that we are running that you would benefit from. It is our way of making sure that you get the best deals on the things that you need to help your business grow. You can unsubscribe to our emails at any time and we will take you off the emailing lists. There are specific instructions on how you can opt out of receiving them at the bottom of each email.


What we do to protect your information?

Our system implements various security measures to protect your personal information and make sure that it is safe each time you place an order, enter your information, or access information on our site.

Through the utilization of secure servers, sensitive information, such as credit information, is protected via SSL or Secure Socket Layer technology.  The information is then encrypted in our payment gateway database and only accessible to an authorized individual with access rights to the system. They are asked to keep your information confidential and are monitored to ensure they are doing so.

Please note that we do not store any information on our servers, such as social security number, credit card information, financials.


Are cookies used?

Cookies are tiny files that a service provider or site transfer to the hard drive of your computer through your web browser, if it is allowed. It then enables the service provide or site system. We use cookies because they allow your information to be captured and saved, so that the site is customized to you.

The information we obtain from the cookies will be used to help us remember and process the items that you put in your shopping cart, keep track of the advertisements, and compile data about traffic to the site and site interaction, to offer a better experience on the site and the tools to make it work better for you in the future.


Will your information be disclosed to outside parties?

We will not sell, trade, or transfer your information to outside parties. This list is excluding some third-party service providers that assist us in the operation of our site, conduction of our business, and assistance in helping serve our customers. These parties abide to our rules of confidentiality. We abide by the laws and enforce site policies, so if appropriate, we will disclose information needed to protect our business, or uphold our legal obligations. Non-personal information and information that is not identifiable, may be used for marketing and advertising purposes.


Sharing of your information

When you place your order, answer questions on a survey, visit our site, or opt-in to one of our offer, we collect your information. During the registration or ordering process, we may ask for appropriate information to place your order successfully. This may include your name, e-mail address, phone number, or payment information. You can visit our site anonymously as well, if you would prefer.


Using our site, you are expressing consent for the privacy policies that are listed in this privacy section.


Changes to Privacy Policy

We will update you regarding any amendments or changes that are made to the privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact us and we will walk you through the process.


Access of your personal information

It is your right to access your personal information. However, this is subject to the exceptions by law. However, if you put in a written request concerning security issues, we may be able to access the information that you are looking for. Additionally, there may be a fee associated with the search of this information, which you will be informed of ahead of time.


Contact Information

If there are any more questions regarding the privacy of your information, please contact us at:

  • grow@redfords.com
  • +1-213-631-3488
  • Suite 128, 585 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Terms and Conditions

Redfords provides content services and website creation services that are described on our website. All the fees must be paid prior to the start of your campaign.


Redfords SEO Services include:

  • “Back Links” obtainment from other sites, directories, or blogs to generate link popularity
  • Creation of submission and placement reports
  • Creation of visual documents and content


Be aware that:

  • We offer a money back guarantee on content but not on any blogger outreach placements due to it being out of our control once the links are placed, as these links are at the discretion of the web master who owns the individual websites, where the links are being placed. The general validity of the placement is 1 year from initial placement.
  • All services, fees, recommendations, documents, and reports are confidential
  • We have no control of the policies set by search engines regarding the type of sites and the content that these sites accept. That refers to current decisions and ones in the future. The decisions regarding inclusion of sites in the search engine is the sole discretion of the search engine.
  • Redfords will not be responsible for any damages without limitation for any direct incident or consequential damage, loss of profits, or claims that are made by any third-party websites. You, as the end user, assumes all the risk and potential damage that may be associated with Redfords services.
  • Redford has the right to modify anchor text and other details in your order to ensure placement is successful.
  • Redfords cannot guarantee positions in search engines about any phase, keyword, or term. Redfords cannot guarantee traffic increases.
  • Links to “bad neighbourhoods” or “link farms” can damage the success of SEO efforts. We do not assume liability if the user chooses to link to these websites without getting prior consent.
  • Redfords isn’t responsible for the changes made to your site by other parties that may adversely affect the rankings in search engines.



Redfords doesn’t sign individual Non-Disclosure Agreements for each of the agencies or clients that wish to utilize our services. However, as part of the terms and conditions of our services, you can be treated with complete Non-Disclosure respect.

We guarantee that we will not disclose any personal and confidential information to any third part, except for our employees. This will be done only for the purposes of providing you with the services that you asking for and not for any other intended purpose.



Redfords reserves the right for the cancellation of any orders that are placed on our site that are in offensive or illegal industries. We will not participate in any illegal content, services, products, or items that are objectionable, hateful, or defamatory to a group of individuals based on their race, sexual orientation, or gender. If the business attacks or aims to attack any group or individual, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refuse the service.

Some questionable sites may be possible. After consideration, you will be informed whether, we will be involved in prescription drugs, casinos, or gambling.

If you believe that your site violates these restrictions, make sure that you contact us first to be sure.

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